All About Me Bingo

Wow! The first week is over and it was a blur of awesomeness! I cannot believe how smoothly it went. We started on a Wednesday, but if felt like a full week because we were so busy! I am at a new school this year and we are departmentalizing our grade level which is completely new for the kids. They did such a great job switching classes and learning their new schedules. I could not ask for better students this year. I am SO EXCITED about this school year!

I decided to kick the first day off with this All About Me BINGO game. The kids had such a great time creating their individualized BINGO boards.


While the kids were coloring, cutting, and gluing, I cut out the BINGO pieces and used them as the DRAW pile.

Once they finished making their boards, the fun really began. I drew the little cards and placed them under the document camera so they could keep track of what had been called.


They cheered for the winners each round and begged to play it again later. It was so much fun!

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I hope your school year started out great! What kinds of get-to-know-you activities did you try?

You might be a teacher if…

Ah…summer! We dream about it throughout the school year, knowing that we’ll finally be able to catch up on all those household to-do lists and maybe even get a jump start on planning for the upcoming school year.  Surprisingly though, I manage to get more done when I’m busier! The longer summer goes on, the less I’m able to accomplish. I’m not sure why this happens, but at this point, in the summer I’m starting to realize how much I still have left to accomplish before I go back to work! We started several mini remodel projects this summer and I’m frantically trying to finish and get the house put back together… and in my downtime, I’m trying to make plans for my new position as a 2nd grade ELA teacher! I’m returning to 2nd grade after 5 years with 3rd-5th. I’m super excited!

So, that being said, I should be putting the second coat of paint on the cabinet drawers or finishing the Writer’s Workshop project I’m working on… but I thought I’d break myself into blogging with a fun post that hopefully brings a smile to your face as the school year grows closer.


I hope you got a chuckle!

Let me know which ones you relate to the most. Or is there one I left out?

Thank you to Cara Caroll and Artsy Apple for the fonts and to EduClips for the teacher clip art!